About Exodus Clinic Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Our goal at Exodus Clinic is to help you recover not only your emotional health, but more importantly your hope and purpose for sobriety.

Our initial process includes a phone screening to ensure that you are an appropriate client. We evaluate past quitting attempts, psychiatric problems or health problems associated with the addiction, and information pertaining to family support and any legal issues. We also gauge your level of motivation for recovery. Clients are then scheduled for a face-to-face evaluation and necessary blood tests. We then give referrals for physical examinations or, if you have had a recent appointment, you may bring one from your primary physician. Your first visit is a detailed assessment, including a drug history, psychiatric evaluation, and on-site drug testing. We also review alternative treatments, side effects and risks, as well as encourage you to participate in individual or group counseling. We also request scheduled meetings for family members.

For those who are interested, we also offer a faith-based counseling program focused on the Bible. This program is designed to help you regain a feeling of purpose and reconnect with your creator. For more information, please visit www.exodusclinic.com, or call us at 845-837-1635.

Throughout all of our programs, we believe in using evidence-based treatment, appropriate medication management, screenings for co-occurring disorders and individualized multidimensional treatment planning using our highly skilled staff members. These programs are created to help you maintain abstinence and prevent relapse.