Exodus Clinic Drug & Alcohol Treatment

The goal of the Exodus Clinic is to help people establish a satisfying life without alcohol or other addictive drugs.

Exodus Clinic's outpatient program is made up of the three traditional phases of drug and alcohol addiction treatment: stabilization, rehabilitation and continuing care.

  1. Stabilization from alcohol and/or drugs, when required, is closely monitored and accomplished safely and comfortably with assistance of the Exodus medical staff. Patients can remain at the Clinic and be monitored for up to 3 hours a day. Hospitalization is rarely necessary, but can be quickly arranged if needed.
  2. During the Rehabilitation phase, patients initially attend four times each week, Monday through Friday, for three hours of group therapy and education. The frequency of these sessions is gradually reduced as progress is made over a period of eight weeks, typically totaling 20 to 30 sessions by completion.
  3. Clients are assessed for less intensive level of care as part of the continuation phase of treatment. In this phase of treatment, patients can expect to attend group therapy one to three times a week, and keep scheduled appointments with counselors and/or physician. Specialized groups are available to focus on particular issues.

Who is treated at Exodus Clinic?
People come to Exodus Clinic for many reasons, including our reputation for success. They prefer to remain on their jobs and with their families rather than enter residential treatment. They come from all walks of life, and the severity of their alcohol and drug problems range from early to late stages of addiction.

Is the family included in the treatment process?
Definitely. Weekly group sessions for relatives and close friends are conducted by Exodus staff. In addition to learning about alcohol and other drug dependence, they have an opportunity to discuss their own experiences with both the illness and the recovery process. Additional information and group schedules and be found on the Family and Friends Group page.


A small percentage of our patients with
alcohol problems require detoxification. Because the
withdrawal syndrome can be dangerous when it
does occur, all patients are screened for
this possibility by one of the Exodus
Clinic medical staff.