Family Support Group Exodus Clinic Drug & Alcohol Treatment
Family Support Group

Exodus Clinic is committed to the treatment of chemical dependency as a disease which affects not only the individual, but also those around them, especially the family. As part of our commitment to treating our patients, we also offer the family and significant others of patients an opportunity to learn more about the disease and get the support they need. Most families have been significantly affected by the disease. As a result they are stressed, have problems relating, communicating and adjusting to the recovering person as he/she returns to a sober and clean world.

Participants in the family group may be anyone important to the patient: husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother, other relatives, boyfriends, girlfriends and any other special friends. Persons in the family group are encouraged to share their stress, their questions, their frustrations, their progress, and their setbacks. Members offer their support and experiences to help others in the group. What is discussed is up to each individual; no one is forced to speak if they do not wish to, nor pushed to disclose anything that is too uncomfortable for them to discuss.

We urge each and every patient to have at least one person come to the family group as often as possible. For young adults and Adolescents, Exodus clinic strongly encourages a parent to attend Family Group. A young adult is defined as a person between the ages of 18 and 25 that lives at home. We have found that both patients and their families have a better recovery with everyone talking and learning about substance use disorders and how drastically it affects one’s environment.